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Author: Tennille Aron

Trend Update: #Treeoflife

Sharing breastfeeding selfies, AKA brelfies, on social media has become popular amongst nursing moms. The last year in particular has seen a deluge of brelfies in a bid to encourage moms to breastfeed their babies. Even celebrities such as actress Olivia Wilde and singer Gwen Stefani have snapped shots of themselves breastfeeding and posted them online. Now, a new brelfie trend is emerging. “Tree of life” brelfies transform simple breastfeeding selfies into works of art that emphasise just how important the process of breastfeeding your baby is. To get the perfect #treeoflife brelfie, moms use the photo-editing app PicsArt...

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This Too Shall Pass: A Guide to Your New Baby’s Poop

It is important to know what to expect each time you open up your infant’s nappy, as changes in the appearance of your baby’s poop can also indicate some serious health concerns. As your infant grows older and their digestive tract develops, this can cause changes in the colour and texture of their poop. These changes should generally be no cause for alarm, but to err on the safe side, we’ve compiled this guide to your baby’s poop – what to expect and when to start worrying. Meconium Meconium  is the greenish-black tar-like poop that you expect to find...

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