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Author: Marie-Louise Steyn

Beating the winter blues for two

Being pregnant in winter is a mixed blessing. The South African summer heat can be exhausting for moms-to-be whose body temperatures are a tad higher due to their little “hatchlings”. But winter also means a prevalence of dreaded cold and flu bugs. Because your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, you are likely to catch whatever is going around more easily. The good news is that cold and flu viruses are extremely unlikely to affect your pregnancy as your baby can’t catch them from you. And the bad news? You might feel twice as miserable because you cannot simply...

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Coping with Pregnancy Nausea

Nausea is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms. It may begin as soon as two weeks after conception, when a woman is 4 weeks pregnant and misses her first period, but most commonly starts a fortnight later, at around 6 weeks of pregnancy. It usually peaks between 7 and 12 weeks. “Morning sickness” is somewhat of a euphemism, as the nausea can strike at any hour and often lasts all day. In fact, most women feel worst in the late afternoon. For this reason “pregnancy nausea” is a more accurate description of this surprisingly common experience. Do all pregnant...

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