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Author: Dr Jo-Marie Bothma

How do you know: Your child is ready for ‘BIG’ school

How do you know: Your child is ready for ‘BIG’ school We all want our children to be school-ready by the time they go to Grade 1. However, how do we know that our children will meet the demands of the school classroom? Clinical psychologist and play therapist Dr Jó-Marié Bothma encourages parents to foster learning readiness in their children. Legislation in South Africa states that five-year-olds may enter Grade 1 if they turn six before 30 June in that year and that all children that turn seven in the course of that calendar year must be admitted to...

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Tiny Tempers

When your tot’s emotions eclipse her ability to communicate, it’s only natural for things to erupt. With some know-how, says clinical psychologist and play therapist Dr Jó-Marié Bothma, you can help her figure things out – and avoid meltdowns. It is truly exciting when toddlers start to develop their own will. It’s a period of growing independence, a sign of healthy development, and (often frustatingly for all concerned) a very challenging time for parents. Temper tantrums and outbursts of anger are all too common in toddlerhood – and they can all be put down to the wondrous process of...

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