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Month: August 2017

How do you know: Your child is ready for ‘BIG’ school

How do you know: Your child is ready for ‘BIG’ school We all want our children to be school-ready by the time they go to Grade 1. However, how do we know that our children will meet the demands of the school classroom? Clinical psychologist and play therapist Dr Jó-Marié Bothma encourages parents to foster learning readiness in their children. Legislation in South Africa states that five-year-olds may enter Grade 1 if they turn six before 30 June in that year and that all children that turn seven in the course of that calendar year must be admitted to...

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Raising our beautiful boy with autism

Raising our beautiful boy with autism Janine Scott-dos Santos shares her poignant experience with discovering her son’s autism and what it has taught her since his diagnosis. “These days, everybody has a label. When we were kids, there was no autism or ADHD; kids just got on with it or got punished. It’s ridiculous really!” said the 42-year-old man selling biltong in his mother’s kiosk. This was after my boy had had a meltdown at the sound of the slush machines – a sound nobody else could really hear. I politely smiled, paid for my biltong, and walked away...

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Tummy time for tiny tots

Occupational therapist from Talk Sense Taryn Rutenberg, explains the importance of tummy time and explores some creative ways of encouraging your baby to enjoy tummy time and reach her developmental milestones. Tummy time is an important time for your baby as it encourages her to push up on her arms and turn her head to explore the sounds of her world and to see Mom and Dad. By doing tummy time she will develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles, which will allow her to develop other skills such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and pulling to stand....

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Toddler, job, housework …and pregnant. How to handle Baby #2

Toddler, job, housework …and pregnant. How to handle Baby #2 Clinical psychologist Michelle Nortje offers some valuable advice for busy working moms of toddlers who are pregnant with their second baby. “I have a 22-month-old daughter and I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I’m having a really tough time coping with my busy-body toddler, my long working hours, the housework, my pregnancy, and my inability to sleep more than four hours a night. I’m worried that with all these stressors I’m going to take my frustrations out on my daughter who seems all over the place right now. My husband offers...

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The Birth Plan: preparation or wishful thinking

The Birth Plan: preparation or wishful thinking Preparing for your baby with a birth plan is a great way to instil a sense of control over how your little one arrives into the world. However, Natalie Nelson suggests a flexible mindset when designing your birth plan. Listen to a group of preggie moms (or even new moms) chatting and there’s a good chance that the topic of birth plans will pop up. Every preggie mom is encouraged to prepare a birth plan, but how much of it is really applied? And what should be included in the plan? And...

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