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Month: June 2017

More than Morning Sickness

When the morning sickness doesn’t go away, hyperemesis gravidarum could be at play. Registered nurse, lactation consultant and childbirth educator Samantha Crompton explains exactly what this condition is and how to treat it. “I was very excited when I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. Sadly, that excitement was very soon replaced with nausea and vomiting that lasted all day. It started at about the same time that I began to suspect that I was pregnant and worsened as my pregnancy advanced,” says Donna Matthews. Most pregnant women only experience mild forms of morning sickness during...

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Tiny Tempers

When your tot’s emotions eclipse her ability to communicate, it’s only natural for things to erupt. With some know-how, says clinical psychologist and play therapist Dr Jó-Marié Bothma, you can help her figure things out – and avoid meltdowns. It is truly exciting when toddlers start to develop their own will. It’s a period of growing independence, a sign of healthy development, and (often frustatingly for all concerned) a very challenging time for parents. Temper tantrums and outbursts of anger are all too common in toddlerhood – and they can all be put down to the wondrous process of...

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The ABCs of Burns

Burns are a devastating form of trauma. These injuries are associated with high mortality rates, physical disabilities, lengthy rehabilitation as well as cosmetic disfigurement. Burning can happen in an instant, but it can be prevented by always being vigilant and through using basic safety precautions. Know what a burn is Sometimes, no matter how careful we might be accidents can occur. If your child does suffer a burn, it’s important to know what do to help him. Burns are classified in three categories: Superficial burns: This type of burn only affects the top layer of skin and is usually...

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Tips to boost your baby’s immune system

Help your baby’s sensitive immune system keep her healthy. Midwife Philippa Hime provides advice on keeping the germs at bay this season. Right from the beginning, parents try their utmost to keep their babies healthy and protect them from germs. It is in the first year of life that it is hardest to protect them. Baby’s first sniffle is not a milestone we look forward to, but unfortunately it will happen at some point. Fortunately, there are ways to help keep the germs at bay and that little body fighting strong: 1. Breast is best. Breastmilk is jam-packed with...

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Trend Update: #Treeoflife

Sharing breastfeeding selfies, AKA brelfies, on social media has become popular amongst nursing moms. The last year in particular has seen a deluge of brelfies in a bid to encourage moms to breastfeed their babies. Even celebrities such as actress Olivia Wilde and singer Gwen Stefani have snapped shots of themselves breastfeeding and posted them online. Now, a new brelfie trend is emerging. “Tree of life” brelfies transform simple breastfeeding selfies into works of art that emphasise just how important the process of breastfeeding your baby is. To get the perfect #treeoflife brelfie, moms use the photo-editing app PicsArt...

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