Burping your baby

It seems like the simplest thing – but trapped air can make your baby very unhappy. Doula Donna Bland goes through some tips and techniques to get those burps out. Unbroken wind can cause babies and their parents many restless times and sleepless nights. Whether a...

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Looking after those pearly whites

Teaching little people the benefits of regular teeth brushing can be a trying time. Teixeira Murray finds out what the best approach is. It may feel like it would be easier to forcibly brush your toddlers’ teeth than it is get them to do it properly and as often as...

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The role of indulgence in your child’s diet

Most kids are besotted with sugary and processed treats and could quite happily eat them all day long. The question is: Should we let our children indulge in them – especially if it means avoiding a tantrum – and how do we maintain an element of control? Nutritionist...

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The cure for whining

The cure for whining

A whiny child can drive a parent insane. Dr Laura Markham looks at why children whine, and what to do about it. Whining is common in toddlers and preschoolers. Parents are usually advised to tell their kids to ask in a ‘nice‘ voice, because they can’t hear the whiny...

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