In the Spotlight - Mom's Heart

Jane Linley-Thomas, well known East Coast Radio personality and mom of 3, tells us about her new exciting venture launching soon in SA: Mom’s Heart.  Mom’s Heart, brought to you by Kagiso Media, is a radio styled app which launches in the next few weeks. Passionate about parenthood and motivated by her family, Jane was keen to explore and develop a parenting platform where parents – and especially moms - could connect.  


Mother of Cooper (5 years) and 3-year-old twins Rocco & Lula, she is no stranger to the challenges of parenthood.  Parents face an overwhelming amount of information daily on how to raise their children, what to do and what not to do. Jane’s creating a supportive place where moms from all walks of life can hang out and be part of a broader community.  Mom’s Heart is a digital platform which you’ll be able to access from your smart phone, via the Apple iStore or Google play, and it promises to provide a platform for moms to share stories, connect and experience parenthood together in an environment where judgements are left at the door.

The stream is aimed at mom’s with little ones from the ages of 0-10-years-old , and will cover a broad range of topics from nutrition to sleep training to discipline to exercise and wellness tips for kids.  This “platform fuelled by love” as Jane describes it, will be one in which parents can enter a space of sharing relatable stories and discussions. It’ll include interviews and child-friendly music which the whole family can enjoy, ranging from the latest hits to golden oldies. Celebrity interviews will also feature with well-known SA personalities sharing their parenthood journey. Children telling jokes, specialists in every field are some more features to look forward to.

Mom’s Heart will be available in the next few weeks on the App Store on at Google play. For more info like the Mom’s Heart Facebook page.