Organised and run by Exposure Marketing and Communication, MamaMagic™, The Baby Expo is the brain child of Projeni Pather, Managing Director of Exposure Marketing and Exhibition Director of MamaMagic.

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    After the birth of her first child, Projeni realised the need for an expo completely dedicated to the baby and parenting market in South Africa. “As a new mom, I was looking for some sort of an event where I could easily access the information I needed, browse products and services and interact with other mothers. During one of my visits to the UK, I spotted the baby show concept in London. I remember thinking to myself that other moms were surely looking for the same thing and it was the perfect opportunity to bring the concept to South Africa”.

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    Since its inception in 2005, MamaMagic has grown exponentially over the years and remains the leader in the baby and parenting exhibition industry throughout Southern Africa. Having joined forces with e.TV as the official media partner and Baby City as the largest retail partner, MamaMagic brings visitors the very best for moms, dads and tots.

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    Staged across the country in all three major provinces, MamaMagic provides parents, expecting parents and children with the perfect occasion to enjoy a magical day out not only experiencing the best products and services available, but also enjoying an abundance of entertainment and fun activities as well as providing the ideal opportunity for parents to gain knowledge about pregnancy, birth and parenting.